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In feeble Leaderships and disgruntled groups are the bases of strife in Ethiopia
ArticlesIn feeble Leaderships and disgruntled groups are the bases of strife in Ethiopia

Tesfaye Z. Yigzaw, September 1, 2011

One day a man was walking on a street where venders selling produce. Suddenly, he heard yelling from a woman who was chasing away a young man attempted to steal her possession. She stood up wagging her index finger and said:
Medhanalem edme-likhen fess iyasfessah yanurhe.
A man confounded by her use of language, waited until she cooled off from her anger and dared asking the lady. She explained:

I would like for him to live on through out of his life malodorous. Thus, everybody hates to be around this miniature creature. He would be reviled and disliked by all. Otherwise, I have no power, and that is his (God), said the lady by looking up to the sky.    

The contemporary politics in Ethiopia is much similar to this lady’s wish. It is stench! Instead of going forward to advancement, it has been kept regressing. What really seemed the problem? Is the problem lays on the politics itself or the politicians? Of course, both are inseparable by nature as politics and politicians are the creators of each other. No one should dare to say I am free of politics, though it is correct to say I am not active by taking parts in politics. There is no a single living person would declare free of politics. Whether one likes it or not politics would affect the livelihood of everyone. Its outcome would other way have a great impact on each citizen and determines the country’s fate. The devastation is an imaginable when the politics and politicians are in a wrong track by making policies. That is exactly what has happened with TPLF. Not only is it TPLF that is in a wrong track in politics, apparently some opposition could fall in the same category, and for that reason they remain unsuccessful.

One ought to have a good reason to oppose or support the policies of politicians. The lack in clear reasoning by opposing forces is simply a desire for power than to bring long needed changes in policies. In general, Ethiopians disagree with TPLF’s polices for the reasons that the regime is known for its human rights abuses, and is deficient in freedom of expressions. Democracy and a rule of law are completely absent. Ethiopians detest ethnic divisions, because it is the scheme TPLF imposed on them to prolong its power. This same political scheme has been accepted by other opposition groups, particularly by OLF and ONLF, though at present they are not in control of a State power. Note, in the past these two notorious ethnic organizations were the muscles of the current government. They drafted and implemented all polices that TPLF is employing. They went their separate way and started waging wars against their old allay. Because, neither of them able to rise up to the highest post of their desires on the political leaderships. Though, they left a TPLF coalition, would not make them free of transgressions. If one would call TPLF a criminal, so are these two organizations. They all must face a criminal court for genocides.

Now, history is repeating itself, they are probably forming alliance with Ginbot 7. Yes, we heard it loud and clear that they are talking to forge alliance against TPLF. There is no problem to open up a channel of communications to solve the differences if agreed upon a common interest, in fact, that would be one step of progress. However, in this case, I see no common grounds between Ginbot 7 and the other two, unless Ginbot7 is plummet a struggle for democracy, opts accepting ethnic policies, and therefore the nation would have to expect another forty or more years to bring a change. OLF is a disgrace to Ethiopians, especial an insult to Oromo ethnic group by denying the roots and place of their rich history in Ethiopia. The argument labeling a single ethnic group as oppressor and another oppressed is far from reality lacks understanding the country’s history. Ethiopia is not a land only inhabited by Amhara, Oromo, Tigray, Gurage, Somali, Sidama and Afar. We have been accustomed of hearing from those that are screaming very loud, and when dejected able to fire guns from their backyards. What about the rest of those over a hundred ethnic groups? The disenfranchised and marginalized populations living in destitute life, and they are as well need freedoms. This is the reason the struggle must be about bringing freedoms, democracy and rule of law to all in inclusions, and it should not be about secessions for individual ethnicity to go separate paths.

There is a school of thought that believes secessionism is a must and it’s a natural right for people to choose self determination and up to secession. These are individuals who still espouse the old ragtag theory of communist era. Basically, this is what went wrong with those running a show in Ethiopian politics. I like to say that the political predicament the country has been going through for years is directly related to the political errors made by those educated elites, who are in control of their audiences. Their audiences are most likely, both ill-fated educated and illiterates enable to stir up the innocent majority with use of hateful propaganda organized around narrowly defined selfish principles intend to capture a State power. This is the method obviously employed by TPLF and EPLF. Now in turn, OLF and ONLF are in aspiration to follow suit. These so called educated elites have no space on their field of study except to agitate society to their own ill intentions. Again, they do not able to relate between the theories as they learned, and see it fit to the conditions on the ground.

In any rate, by nature, (we) humans are excellent social animals, and would as much like to live and interact in every sort of life, for this reason, secession is a choice to be made and imposed upon the segments of society by those seeking State power.

It is not my intention to classify people in their ethnicity but for the record: Mengistu H/Mariam, in despite of his crime against humanity is a proud Ethiopian, Emperors Hail Selassia I and Menelik II; the most celebrated kings in Ethiopian modern history, incontrovertibly they are said to be either fully or partially Oromo, in spite of ridicules claims by OLF. Does OLF to deny Presidents: Neggasso and Girma their Oromo heritage as Ethiopian, the two statesmen who has had served under TPLF? Yes, it would, because OLF never accepts facts. The same is true; the time span from a beloved Ethiopian son, Emperor Yohannes IV, through the Axum kingdoms, the Tigreans had reigned over the empire. Does the TPLF leader know this truth? I do not think so. He is much interested in denigrating the history of the country. He is a self-educated, irrational Marxist without clue of the history and the ethics of governance but he happened to be ruling the country by chance.

No country in the world has a perfect record in history. The leaders would only be judged in history according to the time in which they lived. For instance, the country we adore, the USA had a black spot in the past. In retrospect, its leaders, whom are admired for building the nation and democracy had pitfall, they owned slaves, and fought brutal wars to expand their territories beyond its original turf. They did it for their country and nation; as the result, the USA remained united, strong and most prosperous country in the world. Concurrently, the previous kings in Ethiopia had done what seemed right for their nation and country. However, for unobvious reasons, maybe either unknowledgeable or abhorrence or both; and since inception, TPLF and OLF are continue to blame previous leaders and kingdoms to disguise their shortfall.

We heard the success story of the uprising in North Africa and Middle East in quest for democracy. Some suggested the same strategies should be employed in Ethiopia. The matter of the facts, Ethiopians had risen against dictatorship in many occasions long before the Arabs’ revolutions, but unsuccessful due to coordination, disunity and lack in strong leaderships. This is not a secret, Ethiopians have been pleading with the oppositions to unite. They are relentlessly generous in contributions with their time and finances, and many had given their dear lives, but with no to heed. Thus weaknesses of the oppositions, of course had strengthened TPLF.

As I mentioned previously, such weakness has been greatly contributed by separatist ethnic groups, undermining a democratic struggle. In most part, Eritrea ought to blame. EPLF is the most dangerous organization in that part of the region. Mainly for Ethiopians, I am sure those with good memory would remember their misdeeds. EPLF would not rest until Ethiopia disintegrates into pieces and that obviously the reason it formed and has been supported ethnic organizations like TPLF, OLF and ONLF. It would be unwise not to imagine why EPLF is in a mission of subversion. Simply, it cannot self sustain, therefore needs to control Ethiopian resources. The leadership in Eritrea is crazy as those of his monitors namely Saddam Hussen of Iraq, Gaddeafi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, and Hafez Al-Said of Syria that financed, trained and supplied weapons to EPLF‘s fighters during their so called struggle for independence.

These dictators, some had long gone while others still fighting for their lives, however they did not support Eritrea because they love her; they supported Eritrea for the reasons of geopolitics. Eritrea would serve them as spring board to unleash terror in the region as well to control the Nile waters. EPLF has been a liaison for these rootless dictators. The group that believes Eritrea as an aid to topple TPLF is very wrong, and never learned from previous mistakes. Despite of the weaknesses of political oppositions, TPLF as of those tyrants would crumble down on ground; it is just a matter of time. People would take the matter on its hands just as North Africa and Middle East uprisings. The lesson that has been learned from Arab’s uprising is, neither gunfire nor guerrilla warfare required to bring down dictators, unless necessary as the case in Libya. Therefore, it would be wise for genuine political oppositions to be ready for an inevitable, and stay clean from ethnic politics. My advice to TPLF’s leadership is that arrogance never saved the lives of tyrants. Take a good lesson from Arab’s leaders, and start immediate actions by reforming a long needed democracy, respect a rule of law and human rights, above all, negotiate with genuine oppositions. Those few supporters of yours are not genuine, only to serve you momentarily by taking advantages of the circumstances, and corrupt systems. When time comes, they will be first to throw stones on your face.     

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