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Open Letter to the Editor of Ethiomedia
ArticlesOpen Letter to the Editor of Ethiomedia

Dear editor:

At this time, compatriots who are fighting for social justice n Ethiopia know very well, that no matter in what colors and hues they come, all opportunists hate EPRP because it has always been in the forefront to expose their deceptive behavior and unpatriotic nature in relation to the unity and wellbeing of our people and the territorial integrity of our country. They hate the Party , most of all, because it always takes unwavering stand against those powers who have insatiable appetite to advance their interest at the expense of our country by taking the courage to call a spade a spade.

Therefore, the ongoing mirage of accusatory diatribe from the usual quarters is no surprise. It is expected and in fact it can only be a confirmation to the fact that the party on the receiving end must be doing the right thing. What is surprising and even frightening is to repeatedly observe the hunger of Ethiomedia to publish trash materials that denigrate and malign eprp and its members. A case in point is the recent article of Getachew Begashaw using the pen name of Bekele Nigatu posted on Ethiomedia.

The issue of the so called text message, sent to the said person allegedly by the EPRP member, if indeed such a note was sent in the first place, should only be addressed to the individual. The issue rests with the individual prerogative. One may think that there is a red meat to grind but it actually exposes the shallow nature of both the author and the publisher. Whoever wrote the text message has done it individually and personally. It is absurd to use the reckless act of an individual for collective punishment. Please do not confuse EPRP with the ethnic tyrants in Addis. EPRP does not have a tradition of ordering its members to say what and to whom. Members have their own freedom and prerogative to express their opinion and unless it is stated in the official statement of the party opinions of the individual members could not be considered the stance of the Party.

Having said that, what is troubling is not the inability of the author who posted such a desperate note to make the distinction between individual expression and party positions, but the desire of the Editor of the Ethiomedia to publish such garbage for its readers. This can only prove the utter disregard to the most basic sense of integrity that any ordinary journal should reflect. I know that you have the right to form any negative opinion of or hate EPRP for whatever reason, but your website can never claim impartiality and its credibility is at stake.

You may sponsor whatever diatribe you can find against the party in question, but I would like to tell that you are only wasting your breath, because no earthly power could stop EPRP from exposing a potential harm to Ethiopia's, salvation, be it come from the closet of Woyanes , ESEPA remnants or OLF apologists.


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